Superintendent's Message

Dear WCS Staff and Families,

Congratulations to our students on completing the first semester of the school year!  Our students are amazing and have experienced much success in academics, arts, and athletics this year and we are only at the halfway point.  I am hoping that you all have a wonderful winter break with your families as you enjoy this special time together.  Our schools will reopen on January 9th and we’ll be excited to welcome our students back for an exciting second half of our school year!

Below, you will see several highlights from the November and December Board of Education regular meetings that occurred on November 28th and December 19th.  I will continue to share information after our meetings to connect you with important updates.  All agenda items were approved as written on the November 28th agenda and the December 19th agenda.  The videos for each of these meetings (November meeting video and December meeting video) are available on the Wyoming City Schools YouTube channel.  Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions you may have.

Primary Facilities Planning

During the months of November and December, we continued our work to plan for the future needs of our primary school facilities. 

During the November meeting, representatives from VSWC Architects kicked off our meeting with a special presentation sharing the work of the Primary Facilities Committee, plans for envisioning the educational needs of our students now and in the future, and the type of primary facilities that are needed to support student learning in a world that changes every day. 

During the December meeting, the board reviewed the feedback that was provided during the Envisioning Education Focus Groups held on December 6th.  The goals for these discussions was to envision the educational structures that support student needs now and in the future through the lens of our new strategic plan and to connect this information to future facility needs specific to primary-age Wyoming students.  The feedback from these conversations will inform the work of our primary facilities committee to create potential facility options for our primary schools that will be shared with our community in the spring.  On December 6, sessions were held with the following groups:

  • Wyoming Primary School students
  • Wyoming City Schools staff members
  • Wyoming City Schools Support Organizations
  • Wyoming business owners and faith leaders
  • City of Wyoming officials
  • Full Wyoming community sessions (morning and evening sessions)
  • Wyoming City Schools Board of Education

The following link will provide you with a summary of the feedback from these discussions - Wyoming Listens: Envisioning Education Focus Group Feedback.  Additional engagement sessions to seek feedback from students, staff, families, and our entire school community are planned for the spring.

5 Year Financial Forecast

During the November meeting, the Board approved the updated Five Year Forecast as presented by Treasurer Ronda Johnson.  Ohio law requires the Board to review and update the Five Year Forecast each year in November and May.  During the meeting, Ronda shared updates on components of our revenue, highlighting the strength of our school district income tax collection which has continued to exceed estimates.  Expenditure forecasts were also reviewed with a focus on personnel costs which comprise 80% of the budget.  Overall, the current financial position of the District is healthy but the Board will continue to monitor revenue performance against increasing inflationary pressure on expenditures.  The Board discussed that it is important to remember that school levy cycles are a critical part of financial planning.  The recently approved forecast points towards the need for new operating revenue in the next 3-4 years.

Great Oaks Career Campuses Governing Board

Congratulations to Toya Wall who was appointed to the Great Oaks Career Campuses Governing Board.  Toya will provide regular updates on the opportunities available to our students through the Great Oaks campuses as we continue to connect our students to resources that support their learning needs.

Communications Audit

In our ongoing commitment to building communications structures that strengthen the partnership with our students, families, and community members, we will be conducting a communications audit during the second semester. We are partnering with Hamilton County Educational Services Center on the audit and plan to begin this work in February with a survey and focus groups.


Congratulations to David Rensberger and Carrie Smith on their upcoming retirements!  Dave will retire with 23 years of service to Wyoming City Schools and is currently teaching 8th grade science at WMS.  Dave has shared his expertise as the Science Department Chair and Co-Chair for most of his career.  Carrie is a Wyoming High School graduate and will retire with 30 years of service to Wyoming City Schools.  She has worked at all three building levels and has been a Class Advisor and Golf Coach. Congratulations to both of these individuals for wonderful careers in education and, specifically, within Wyoming City Schools.  We are looking forward to celebrating them throughout the spring!

Overnight Field Trips

Wyoming City Schools has a long-standing tradition of offering student travel as a strategy to take learning beyond the walls of our classrooms and the November agenda included three additional exciting opportunities for students that are listed below.  Thank you to our staff for organizing and facilitating these exciting student opportunities!

  • WHS Ohio Junior Classical League Convention, Columbus, OH
  • WMS Ohio Model United Nations, Columbus, OH
  • WHS World Language Trip, Morocco


Wyoming City Schools is blessed to have the generous support of our entire school community and the November and December agendas were perfect evidence of this support.  The ongoing donations that are provided allow our students to have experiences that would otherwise not be possible.  We are so very grateful for the generosity of our community as they continue to share their time, talent, and treasure.

As always, thank you for partnering with us to provide great opportunities for the students of Wyoming City Schools!  Have a wonderful winter break and we look forward to seeing students on January 9th!


Tim Weber


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