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Visitor & Volunteer Information

Visitor Information

The Wyoming City School District welcomes and encourages visits to school by parents, guardians, caregivers and other community members.

When visiting our campuses, all visitors are asked to participate in an onsite background check through Raptor Technologies. More information about Raptor Technologies is available here. This visitor management process helps us strengthen our district’s program of campus safety for students, faculty, staff and visitors.

A scan of a driver’s license (or other state-issued or alternative form of identification) initiates the check against a national sex offender database at the time of the visit to the building. The Raptor system will only record the visitor’s name, date of birth and photo for comparison with the national database. No information from the ID scan will be shared with any other agency or authority.

Once entry is approved, a badge that identifies the visitor, the date and the purpose of the visit will be generated. Children under the age of 18 who do not have a valid ID may be allowed to visit as long as they are accompanied by an adult who has completed the check-in process and been issued a badge.

Contractors and subcontractors will be subject to the same procedure as visitors.

A visitor’s badge is not necessary for those who visit school buildings simply to drop off or pick up items or students. In the event that a person does not have valid identification, they may still be given access to the building, but will be escorted at all times by a school staff member.

In accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, the district will make reasonable accommodations so persons with disabilities may access Wyoming schools and school events. If special arrangements due to disability are necessary, please contact the building principal for assistance. ​

The visitor management process will only be used during school hours. Attendees at after-hours events such as performances, ceremonies, or academic/athletic competitions will not be required to complete the process.


Volunteer Information

Wyoming City School District recognizes and appreciates that certain programs and activities are enhanced through the use of volunteers with particular knowledge or skills that are helpful to members of faculty and staff responsible for the conduct of those programs and activities. For this purpose, a volunteer is defined as a non-paid individual who gives their time to a school and performs assigned duties on a regular and consistent basis. This includes lunchroom volunteers, classroom party volunteers, and more. 

All school building volunteers are required to pass a criminal background check conducted through the online Raptor Technologies process. The cost of this background check is paid by Wyoming City Schools. Volunteers need to complete this process once every three years.

Volunteers will receive an email from Raptor Technologies once the application has been approved. Applications may take up to 72 hours to be processed. Approved volunteers will receive an email 30 days prior to the expiration date to remind them to renew their background check each year.

All volunteer athletic coaches should contact the Athletic Director for guidance on all necessary permits. Volunteer athletic coaches should not complete this process.

Please use this link to begin the process: Volunteer Process and Background Check Link.

If you have any questions regarding these visitor and volunteer procedures, please contact Assistant Superintendent Ashley Whitely at or 513-206-7000.