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Student Transportation

School Bus Transportation

The Wyoming Board of Education provides transportation to all primary and middle school pupils (K-8) who live more than 1.25 miles from their school. This school bus service is provided by Queen City Transportation on behalf of the district. Families of children who are eligible for transportation are contacted directly by Queen City Transportation in August prior to the start of school with bus stop assignments. No extra steps are needed for those families not interested in using the bus service. During the first two weeks of school, those bus stops that have not been used are removed from routes and routes are finalized.

In accordance with State of Ohio school transportation regulations, each eligible child that will ride a school bus is required to be assigned to a specific bus stop. If you would like to request a change in bus stop, or would like to request another change in transportation, please fill out the School Transportation Request form and send it to the Transportation Advisory Committee per the instructions included on the form. 

If you enrolled or have changed residences within Wyoming after the start of the school year and your child is eligible for transportation to middle school or one of the primary schools (i.e. you reside more than 1.25 miles from your child's school), please contact Wyoming City Schools Treasurer Ronda Johnson at johnsonr@wyomingcityschools.org to arrange for transportation.

If you have specific questions about your child’s information, please contact Queen City Transportation directly at (513) 941-8700.

Successful school transportation is a partnership between the school district, the children who ride, the parents, and the community. Please accompany your child to and from their bus stop, planning to arrive at the stop approximately 5 minutes before the scheduled time.  During the first several weeks of school, it is possible that routing times may fluctuate as traffic patterns change to accommodate the return of the yellow school bus to the community roadways. During these first weeks of school, all children will participate in safety training provided by their bus driver and supported by district staff in each of the school buildings.  We encourage parents to discuss safety practices with their children as we all work to keep our children safe.