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Zero Waste Lunch Day - All Schools

Studies show that regular waste-free lunch challenges change behavior throughout the year and this has proved true in Wyoming! Students think more about eating all of their food or taking home leftovers to eat later; and parents and students pack lunches in reusable (rather than disposable) packaging more often.

New this year: Wyoming High School students are joining Zero Waste Lunches with all middle school and primary school students for district-wide participation!

What can you do to help your child prepare for a Zero Waste Lunch? Encourage your child to remember the four R’s of Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Rot. 

It is easier for your student to control how much waste they produce if they pack lunch: 

Reduce: They can reduce food and packaging waste by only packing the foods they will actually eat in amounts they can finish. Lunch time is limited! Pack fresh food (rather than prepackaged items). 

Reuse: Pack lunch in reusable containers instead of plastic baggies; use a lunchbox instead of a brown bag. Choose a reusable bottle for drinks. Pack utensils and a cloth napkin from home instead of disposables. 

Recycle: If the food item must be sent in packaging, please try to make sure it is recyclable.

Rot: We compost at each of our schools. There is a container that students can put unfinished fruit and clean (no dressing) veggies in. Kids can send their organic waste back to the earth through composting.

Your child can incorporate the four R’s when buying lunch at school: remind them to select foods they will eat and food with minimal packaging; recycle water bottles, juice, and milk cartons (after pouring out leftover liquids); and compost organic scraps! 

Students at participating schools have been up for the challenge of setting a new record for reduced lunch waste! If you can, please assist them in packing their lunch in reusable containers. Ask your kids what they will actually eat in their lunch—and remind them to eat it all or bring home leftovers! (And please try to integrate these habits every day!)

Wyoming students are blazing the trails in learning, improving, and creating greener habits!

Thank You For Your Help!

Wyoming City Schools and the Wyoming Parent School Association Green Team