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District Finance

Wyoming City Schools is committed to the proactive management of district resources to optimize student experience in a fiscally-responsible manner.

The Treasurer is the Chief Financial Officer for the district and oversees all financial operations for Wyoming City Schools. The duties of the Treasurer include overseeing the budgeting process, financial planning and analysis, payroll, purchasing, and the accounts payable process. The Treasurer coordinates financial matters between local, state and federal authorities and the District. Additionally, as a member of the District Finance Committee, the Treasurer meets monthly with two board members, the superintendent, and a teacher representative to monitor and discuss fiscal matters.

Read on for information regarding school finance. For additional information, please contact Treasurer Ronda Johnson at or 513-206-7012.

Finance Fridays

We share bite-size financial information on Fridays through our principal newsletters and on our website and social media channels to build a greater understanding of how Wyoming City Schools works to:

  • allocate resources wisely to create the best possible return on investment to our taxpayers.
  • utilize strategic decision-making for personnel, instructional materials, and facilities.
  • acknowledge responsibility to secure and distribute resources equitably and sustainably.
  • foster a culture of transparency, accountability, and sustainability.