Parents & Student Resources

HOW TO GET INFORMATION ABOUT YOUR DISTRICT AND/OR SCHOOL BUILDING(S)? is a one-stop shop for information about Wyoming City Schools and each of our schools: Wyoming High School, Wyoming Middle School and our three primary schools: Elm School, Hilltop School and Vermont School. Board meeting information is available on the Board of Education page. Check out event information on the online calendar. Looking for a lunch menu, staff email address or wanting to login to Canvas? Try Find It Fast under the banner photos. The Quick Links on the left side of this page can take you directly to additional information.

Can't find what you're looking for or in need of entirely different information? Don't hesitate to contact Director of Communications Suzy Henke at or 513-206-7015.

Additional information sources include:

SchoolMessenger: Emails are sent directly to parents using the SchoolMessenger system. SchoolMessenger is used to distribute information (such as School Chatter - the monthly electronic district newsletter; calamity day information, and other time-sensitive information) from administrators directly to parents’ email inboxes. Want to update your email contact information, visit the SchoolMessenger Notification System page.

Building Blogs: These communication tools offer parent announcements directly from the office of each principal. Click the link in the banner of each division’s webpage to see the blog. Once there, you can sign up to receive blog updates directly in your email inbox.

Coffee with the Principals: These events offer parents an opportunity to hear a short report directly from the principals and include a question and answer session.

Word On Wyoming:This publication is a partnership between the City of Wyoming and Wyoming City Schools and is mailed to all Wyoming households three times each year.

Printed District Calendar: This communication tool is mailed to all Wyoming households. Didn’t receive one or need another? Contact Director of Communications Suzy Henke at or swing by the Wyoming City Schools Central Office at 420 Springfield Pike.

Facebook & Twitter: Check out the district accounts on Facebook & Twitter or on the website homepage for additional informational posts.



Click above or here to see a quick guide for communicating concerns, suggestions, and feedback with Wyoming City Schools.



One way to get involved is by serving on the Wyoming City School District Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC). The committee composition includes business, community, and educational leaders residing in Wyoming and two board members, the superintendent, and the director of communications. Members are chosen based on their voting precinct to ensure that all geographical areas of Wyoming are represented with the option of adding a member or two at-large. More information about the CAC can be found here.

Other ways to get involved include volunteering in school buildings, serving on divisional Parent Advisory Committees (PACs), and working with any of the district's supporting organizations. More information about district supporting organizations can be found here.