Wyoming City Schools

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Personal Electronics FAQ

Q: What devices can I bring to school?

A: High school students can access our guest wireless network using their own devices: phones, laptops, tablets, etc.

Q: Can I print from these devices?

A: No — nor will you be able to connect to your server accounts or teachers’ shared folders. However, you are welcome to move schoolwork from your device to the school’s computers with flash drives, email, etc.

Q: Does my child have to being a device?

No, devices are not required. School computers are always available for classwork.

Q: Should students purchase a device?

A: No. At this time, there is no need to purchase a device. Access to the guest wireless network is simply for students’ convenience.

Please note: all devices connected to the guest network — even those owned by students — are strictly limited to academic work. If students access the guest wireless network through their personal devices, they must adhere to the district’s Acceptable Use policy as detailed in their handbook.