Wyoming City Schools

420 Springfield Pike
Wyoming, Ohio 45215
Phone: 513-206-7000

Wyoming High School

Dear Families,

Welcome to Wyoming High School, the home of the Cowboys!

Wyoming High School embraces a rich tradition of academic excellence and a commitment to provide opportunities for all students. With a dedicated and caring staff and a nurturing environment, students are able to explore their passions and reach their full potential. Specialized courses of study, clubs and activities, and athletic opportunities provide the components for a well-rounded experience for our students. 

A rigorous curriculum prepares our students for the world that awaits them after high school. Wyoming High School consistently ranks among the top schools in the nation. The promise of educating every child is evident in the diverse course offerings available. Our staff is entrusted with educating every child in an ever-changing environment. High expectations, a safe and welcoming learning environment, and research-based best teaching practices are what make the educational experience at Wyoming High School outstanding!

Cowboy Country is rooted in community and tradition. The spirit of community is evident in the successes we celebrate in the classroom, on the stage, during athletic competitions, and, most importantly, in how we take care of each other. The legend of the cowboy has a long history that has become exaggerated and romanticized by western novels and Hollywood. Beneath the legend is the story of rugged individualism. The Cowboy - whether he is the vaquero from northern Mexico who wrangled cattle, or the woman who rode trails along with the men and were equal in skill, or the freedman who found a more equal life on the range - worked hard every day to blaze trails.

We hope you enjoy exploring the opportunities Wyoming High School has to offer and let’s blaze new trails together!


Karen Bare

Interim Principal

High School Times: 7:50 a.m. to 2:50 p.m.

Attendance Phone Number: 206-7062


Principal's Spring Newsletter 2019


PRIDE in the Community:

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