Wyoming City Schools

420 Springfield Pike
Wyoming, Ohio 45215
Phone: 513-206-7000

Facilities Rentals

Although the basic purpose of the Wyoming City School facilities is to provide the youth of the community a sound educational program, the complete function of education is not achieved until the school facilities are made to serve the entire community. To accomplish this objective, the Board shall, upon payment of the prescribed fee and subject to the requirements of applicable regulations, permit the use of school facilities for auxiliary, educational, recreational, cultural, civic, social, religious or other Board-approved purposes (per Wyoming City School District policy 7510).


Questions regarding renting space at Wyoming High School should be directed to:

Christy Gronas

Administrative Assistant

Email: gronascm@wyomingcityschools.org

Phone: 513-206-7061


Questions regarding renting space at Wyoming Middle School should be directed to:

Joyce Norris

Administrative Assistant

Email: norrisj@wyomingcityschools.org

Phone: 513-206-7179