Wyoming City Schools

420 Springfield Pike
Wyoming, Ohio 45215
Phone: 513-206-7000

District Profile

Wyoming City Schools

The Wyoming City School District serves students in the City of Wyoming, Ohio, a residential community of 2.8 square miles. Located just outside the City of Cincinnati, Wyoming offers the advantages of a small town and the amenities of a big city. This community of 8,300 residents has long-valued and supported education, passing every operating levy since 1970. Wyoming City School District is committed to providing an excellent education for each student through rigorous academics, outstanding faculty, individual attention, and a wide range of enrichment opportunities.

Welcome to Wyoming City Schools


21st Century Habits

We believe in fostering 21st century skills and habits of mind that will help every child in our district become their best self. Wyoming City Schools is committed to offering every student an interdisciplinary, experiential learning environment that prepares children for the world that lays ahead. This means that every student is engaged in rigorous academics, arts, physical education and service learning, working together for a common goal. 


As part of the District’s strategic plan to educate students in a 21st Century environment, Wyoming City Schools is focusing on a STEAM initiative (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math).  Students are working in teams, under the direction of expert teachers, to solve real-world problems, or what we like to call design challenges. Design challenges are interdisciplinary, hands-on units of study that foster creativity, collaboration and critical thinking skills.  


As part of our commitment to preparing students for the real world, Wyoming City Schools offers Spanish as a regular part of the curriculum, starting in the 1st grade. Every 1st through 4th grade student receives Spanish twice per week and the class is taught using the TPRS method, or teaching through performance. Our primary school Spanish teachers speak the language 90% of the time and use props, music and performances to help students engage with the language. In middle school, students may choose to continue their Spanish studies, or explore French or Latin. By the time our students reach high school, they can begin taking Advanced Placement foreign language courses and can travel abroad or attend foreign language conventions with our department teachers. 


Our District Strategic Plan outlines our guiding vision and goals for all students in Wyoming City Schools. 

The habits and values we instill in our students:

  • Collaboration: All students will be able to work in teams to achieve a goal.
  • Problem Solving: Students are capable of collaborating in a decision-making and product-development process that culminates in an end result that is consensual, thorough, and within the deadlines and constraints required.
  • Adaptability: All students will have opportunities that address their ability to manage multiple assignments and tasks, set priorities, adapt to changing conditions while working with diverse groups, and exercise flexibility in making compromises to achieve common goals.
  • Leadership: All students will be given the opportunities to develop positive character traits in the classroom, through clubs, service learning opportunities, events, organizations, and internships.
  • Global Awareness: All students will be able to understand global systems, global issues, and the dynamics of how things are interrelated and interconnected in the world to improve circumstances for all global citizens.
  • Coachability: All students will be open and willing to learn and be shaped by others.
  • Critical Thinking and Innovation: Students will be able to search and find information, analyze, evaluate, and understand complex systems and then apply these strategies to new problems.
  • Entrepreneurship: All students will engage in activities to promote entrepreneurship through a process of growing and diversifying an existing idea. At various grade levels, students will identify an innovation and explore the opportunity, mobilize resources, manage the development and take calculated risks.
  • Creativity: All students will be encouraged to actively explore the environment, investigate new possibilities, and honor different ideas as a team member.
  • Scholarly Work: All students will be engaged in advanced learning opportunities to attain their highest achievement ratings.