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Culture of Inclusion Project

A Culture of Inclusion

...On a Pathway to Global Competency

Wyoming City Schools is committed to supporting a culture that sees, values, and embraces the spectrum of differences in our community and our world. We believe that our schools and community should acknowledge and demonstrate an awareness of and appreciation for these differences while working to create a universally embracing and welcoming environment.

Wyoming City Schools, in partnership with Leadership Excelleration, Inc., (LEI) has begun a Culture of Inclusion Project to create strategies to nurture an environment where inclusion is the expectation and diversity in all its forms is valued now and in the future. In addition to benefitting our Wyoming community, the district believes this is an important step for our students and aligns with the district’s vision of supporting students to reach their full potential, responsible citizenship, global competency, and life-long learning.

In January, the Leadership Steering Committee and the Building Champion Committee were formed. Steering Committee membership includes community members Kathleen Batsel, Dr. Topher Collier, and Rich Robles, and School Board Vice President Kara Broderick, School Board Member Illya Thomas, Superintendent Dr. Susan Lang, Assistant Superintendent Dr. Ashley Whitely, Teacher Ann Shively, and Director of Communications Suzy Henke. The Building Champion Committee includes teachers, counselors and administrators from all divisions and the central office. These two groups together have participated in four four-hour training sessions during last semester. Individually, these committees have met regularly overseeing the project and shaping the content. The next step in the project will be to provide training sessions for the entire Wyoming City Schools staff during four professional development days scheduled for the 2018-19 school year.

At the start of the project, LEI gathered data from community members and parents, staff, and students of Wyoming City Schools through the use of focus groups and a Culture of Inclusion survey. During that process, parents and the community-at-large conveyed a strong interest in being included on educational opportunities around diversity and inclusion. Planning is underway to accomplish that. Additionally, during this year’s professional development sessions, tools will be built that will be used to onboard new staff members when they join Wyoming City Schools to sustain and continue to build this culture of inclusion.

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For additional information regarding the Culture of Inclusion Project, contact Director of Communications Suzy Henke at henkes@wyomingcityschools.org or 513-206-7015.