Students earn top honors at Model UN symposium

Award winners

During the Secondary Schools United Nations Symposium sponsored by McGill University in Montreal, our 20 WHS Model UN delegates competed in a variety of committees and six won top honors for their research, advocacy, diplomacy, and collaboration. Competing remotely, our team was impressive while showcasing their skills and adaptability.

"The entire team was phenomenal in their support of each other, their enthusiasm for the conference, and the ongoing commitment to Model UN and the values and ideas that are invested in that organization," said Club Advisor and Teacher Terryl Meador. "We continue to get overwhelmingly positive feedback on the quality of our delegates!"

Team members include:

Arish Antia, Natalie Barth, Kevin Bo, Katie Callahan, Annie Fairweather, Emma Feldmeier, Zach Goode, Jordan Green, Jackson Harness, Hollis Hays, Olive Hester, Zola Hoffmeister, Lily Larson, Michael Nikolaidis, Liam O'Shaughnessy, Sara Omidvar, Katie Rhodes, Avi Rosenberg, Danielle Sabuliunaite, Zach Spera.

The following students received specialized awards:

Arish Antia, Liam O'Shaughnessy, Katie Callahan, Zach Spera, Zach Goode and Avi Rosenberg.

WHS Model UN Team



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