Impact Award Winner: WMS Teacher Angie Arengo

Mrs. Arengo with family and staff

Wyoming City Schools is laser focused on the academic and personal development of every child. Tremendous work is done across our school community to create extraordinary opportunities for Wyoming students. Wyoming Middle School Teacher Angie Arengo exemplifies excellence in her work to empower Wyoming students with the knowledge, perspective, and skills essential for success. 

In her work, Mrs. Arengo:

  • Is committed to character.

  • Creates active and engaging learning experiences for students.

  • Inspires creative and critical thinking, communication, and collaboration.

  • Builds partnerships with families, colleagues, and community members for the purpose of student well-being.

In the words of those who nominated Mrs. Arengo for the WCS Impact Award:

Mrs. Arengo is an exceptional educator who deserves to be recognized for her exemplary work in empowering students to be their very best.

She creates active and engaging learning experiences for her students every day. Students often work collaboratively in groups, or individually. She meets with students one on one to help them with areas in which they are struggling.

She is an exceptional motivator and encourager, always offering a warm smile or kind word. She truly cares about and values her students and fosters a caring relationship with them by showing interest in their academics and their personal lives.

Mrs. Arengo is committed to building character in her students. She teaches her students how to give back to their community and the importance of service. There is no better example of this than the book drive that she has done for the past three years with her class. Mrs. Arengo’s students at the Middle School have collected 5,670 books for the Queen City Book Bank over the past three years.

She supports student emotional well-being through the dedication and hard work that she puts in each and every day. She is an advocate for students who works diligently to ensure that whatever is best for an individual or group of students is accomplished. She is truly an exemplary educator.

Angie is working with the community and families to implement programs that provide resources to those in need in remembrance of a late student. She is dedicated to making an impact, and she does a phenomenal job creating projects and bringing them to fruition for the good of others.

In addition to receiving the WCS Impact Award, Mrs. Arengo is the Hamilton County Education Foundation 2023 Celebrate Excellence Educator of the Year for Wyoming City Schools!

The WCS Impact Award recognizes staff members who are making a positive impact in the lives of the students, families, and staff of Wyoming City Schools. Please use the link below to complete a brief form to nominate a WCS staff member to be recognized for their exemplary work to empower students and other staff members to be their very best:

Impact Award: Educator Nomination Form

The accomplishments of our students, the work of our staff, and the partnership with our community are the actions that set Wyoming apart! Thank you!

Mrs. Arengo and celebrants

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