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News from 6th Grade Loading the car

Sixth grade Cowboy Bell classes have been learning about literacy to understand the benefits and impact it has on themselves, their community and society.

Students had the opportunity to deepen their awareness on the importance of having access to books and reflected on ways that they can be champions in the development of literacy. This literacy unit included a service component and classes held a book drive collecting over 1,200 books! In addition to collecting books, students thoughtfully designed custom bookmarks to help inspire and motivate adults and children to continue turning the pages of books. Cowboy Bell and Spanish classes collaborated and students created custom bookmarks in Spanish and learned about Biblioburros.

WCS ranked #1 in percent spent on classroom instruction Financial News

Ohio Department of Education (ODE) 2019-2020 state report cards have been released. The 2019-2020 state report cards do not have grades or ratings because of the limited data available due to the coronavirus pandemic and ordered school-building closures. The 2019-2020 state report cards do share financial data and some limited information in other areas. Wyoming City Schools retained our top ranking on percent of budget spent on classroom instruction among districts of similar size.

Couldn't make the meeting? WHS College Counseling Presentations & Events

Our College Counseling presentations and videos are available on our web page, including this fall's College Planning for Juniors event and the Cowboys to College event for 9th & 10th grade students and families.