The Visual Arts in Wyoming City Schools

Last Updated: 10/18/2021 3:24 PM

The Wyoming City Schools Visual Arts Program is based on the belief that it is essential for every student to develop the skills to express themselves creatively. An integral part of this visual arts education is the development of critical thinking skills and creative problem solving techniques through inquiry-based lessons. The Kindergarten through 12th grade visual arts program will develop a student’s ability to communicate, respond and understand:

  • The historical, social and cultural impacts of art in present and past societies.
  • How to use the elements and principles of visual design/organization to formulate ideas in the production of their artwork.
  • How to interpret, analyze and evaluate through expressive and/or aesthetic response, their artwork and life experiences.
  • The relationship between the visual arts and other disciplines.

By educating individual students, the Wyoming City Schools visual arts program will foster the creative process, meet the needs of a diverse student population, and embrace the role of technology, while promoting the student’s pride and self-esteem. Allowing students to express themselves and find success in the arts is just one of the many ways Wyoming City Schools helps to develop the whole child.


Wyoming Middle School's Remote Learning Art Show

Please enjoy the artworks our 5th-8th grade students created during our Remote Education weeks: