CommUNITY Conversation: Belonging

Last Updated: 2/7/2022 9:34 PM

Those in attendance at our November 18 CommUNITY Conversation on Belonging met our Equity Coordinator Lena Patton and heard answers to questions CommUNITY Conversationsthey submitted with their RSVPs, including some of the following information:

  • Our focus is to create safe learning environments for all students regardless of lived experiences, and/or background, such as race, color, culture, ethnicity, exceptionality, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, family style, and socioeconomic status.

  • We are proud of the diversity of our student body and believe it’s imperative we give our students learning environments where their identities and voices are affirmed, valued, and represented. 

  • Wyoming City Schools teaches a thorough, accurate, and fact-based history education that aligns with Ohio’s Learning Standards for Social Studies and our teachers are thoughtful in how they teach the hard parts of history. They facilitate discussion on difficult, important topics to help students grow, develop, and learn to think for themselves.

  • In Wyoming City Schools, we teach that racism is wrong. Wyoming students learn to value, recognize, and respect the humanity and dignity of every person. 

  • We are working to create a school community culture where all members feel connected and engaged. We are building a culture where all members feel a true sense of belonging. 

  • This work helps to support our students today, while also preparing them for their future in an ever-changing world.

Attendees then broke into small groups tasked with answering the following questions:

What questions do you still have about our work to build a culture and climate of belonging in Wyoming City Schools?

What do you need from us to be more informed about this work?

Do you as a parent/family feel belonging in our schools/district?

Verbatim feedback responses and some of our takeaways are identified here.