Month 3: COVID-19 Update

Last Updated: 11/23/2021 8:47 PM

Posted November 23

During the first three months of school, Wyoming students, families, and staff members successfully followed COVID-19 protocols and we saw low case and quarantine rates when compared to other districts. 

Vaccination is an important way to protect yourself and others. We are working with the City of Wyoming and Hamilton County Public Health to host weekly vaccine clinics through the beginning of December. More information about these and other local opportunities for vaccination are available here.

Masking @ WHS - At Wyoming High School, there is no clear evidence of in-school transmission. Additionally, at Wyoming High School we see a relatively low number of cases, an even lower number of quarantines, and high vaccination rates. During this school year, we’ve had a total of 10 positive cases among Wyoming High School students and staff and these cases have resulted in only 3 quarantined students. Our high school students have been eligible for vaccination for months and our best data indicates that more than 80% of WHS students are fully-vaccinated against COVID-19.

At Wyoming High School, we’ve seen virtually 100% compliance with the COVID mitigation strategies we are using in our schools. These students, as opposed to some of our younger students, understand social distancing and have the ability to monitor their environments and respond appropriately. In the coming weeks, it is possible that these indicators may point us toward moving from mandated universal masking at the high school to a strong recommendation of masking at the high school. We are continuing to watch our school-based data and considering community transmission and vaccination rates, public health guidance, evolving science, and legislative action. If any change is made to masking at Wyoming High School, we will communicate that change as quickly as possible.

Masking @ WMS & WPS - At Wyoming Middle School and Wyoming Primary Schools, there is no clear evidence of in-school transmission. When compared to other districts, our case counts are low but they are slightly higher than what we see at Wyoming High School. The availability of COVID vaccination for the students in these schools is a more recent development and students at this age have a more varied range of ability to monitor and respond to their immediate environments. With this in mind, we do not anticipate moving from the mandated use of face coverings at Wyoming Middle School and Wyoming Primary Schools in the near future. We do not anticipate considering a change to mandated masking at Wyoming Middle School and Wyoming Primary Schools until more of our K-8 students have access to being fully vaccinated.

We greatly appreciate the ongoing partnership and cooperation of all Wyoming stakeholder groups in keeping our students, staff and community healthy.