Please join us in welcoming these new staff members to Wyoming City Schools!

Last Updated: 8/11/2020 2:02 PM

Wyoming Primary Schools:

Brooke Becker Second Grade Teacher Brooke Becker

 Hilltop School

Angie Pelfrey Educational Aide Angie Pelfrey

 Hilltop School

Virginia Hadzic Music Teacher Virginia Hadzic

 Elm, Hilltop & Vermont Schools

Sara Sasson Kindergarten Teacher Sara Sasson

 Hilltop School

Not pictured: Speech & Language Pathologist Cori Spreen at Hilltop School


Wyoming Middle School:

Mike Anderson Assistant Principal Mike Anderson Hoog Intervention Specialist Tricia Hoog
Emma Barlow Latin Teacher Emma Barlow Tracy Shirley Educational Aide Tracy Shirley
Hayley Helgenberg Counselor Hayley Hilgenberg Wisman Math Teacher Logan Wisman


Wyoming High School:

Clemmons Psychologist Courtney Clemons McGuffey Math Teacher Robin McGuffey
May Intervention Specialist Alyssa DeZeeuw Weyant Innovation Specialist Melanie Weyant
Gunnell Intervention Specialist Emma Gunnell  


Wyoming Middle School & Wyoming High School:

Rick Adams Auditorium Manager and

 WMS Fab Lab Attendant

 Rick Adams


MacPherson Mental Health Therapist

 Leah MacPhearson

King Assistant Athletic Director

 Jeff King

Vickous Music Teacher & Band Director

 Paul Vickous

Not pictured: Integration Specialist Emily Schillig and English Language Learner Teacher Hannah Myers will be serving all schools.


Welcome to Wyoming: A community of lifelong learners! You belong here!


Faces in New Places Around the District:

Elm School:

Educational Aide Mary Beth Fath

Educational Aide Christy Goyette

Educational Aide Yoski Shamel 

Intervention Specialist Anne Woodson

Elm & Hilltop Schools: Counselor Becky Abbs

Hilltop School: Third Grade Teacher Bonnie Grace

Hilltop & Vermont Schools

Educational Aide Robin Klebanow

Physical Education Teacher Ann Shively

Elm & Vermont Schools: Speech & Language Pathologist Sandy Zuefle

Vermont School:

Kindergarten Teacher Elizabeth Devine

Library Aide Lisa Nocks

Elm, Hilltop & Wyoming Middle Schools: Music Teacher Kelly James

Hilltop, Vermont & Wyoming Middle Schools: Health & Physical Education Teacher Chris Fiehrer

Wyoming Middle School:

Media Specialist Kris Back

French Teacher Julia Saadallah

Wyoming High School:

Educational Aide Katie Larson

Media Specialist Karen Reiber

Central Office: Business Manager Jan Wilking