Citizens Advisory Committee

Last Updated: 11/10/2020 8:28 PM


Community Members

Dr. Topher Collier Sarah McGuire
Sarah Greene Shannon Myatt
Karen Klaus Kathy Mecoli
Kristen Knoebber Cindy Peebles
Sarah Kunnen  


David Ambrose Marta Stewart Tyler Styons

Board & Administration

Board Member Illya Thomas Board Member Heather Yee
Director of Communications Suzy Henke Superintendent Tim Weber



Study One: School Financial Planning

What are the critical factors of school financial planning in Wyoming? What are the key points of understanding and key communication points for Wyoming's Financial Stability? How can our school community better understand and support our efforts towards Financial Stewardship?


Study Two: School Start Times

What impact does school start time have on student health and academic success? What are the current practices at a local, regional, and national level? Are there opportunities to make adjustments to start/end times in Wyoming City Schools that support student health and academic success?

2020-2021 CAC Meeting Agendas & Minutes

October 29, 2020 Agenda Minutes
November 12, 2020 Agenda  
December 10, 2020    
January 14, 2021    
February 11, 2021    
March 11, 2021    
April 8, 2021    
May 12, 2021    
June 10, 2021    


Serving on the Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC) is a great way to be informed and be of service to Wyoming City Schools and the community. Would you be interested in serving on the CAC? Please complete and return this application.

Made up of volunteer Wyoming residents, district staff, and Board of Education members, the purpose of the CAC to the Wyoming Board of Education is two-fold:

  1. Through the use of expert community resources, the committee will be responsible for conducting studies and investigations and reporting such findings and making suggestions or recommendations, if any, in areas of school program and operation as those areas of study or investigation are identified by the Board of Education or by the Board of Education and the Committee members with the approval of the Board of Education.
  2. The Committee will assist in maintaining active and informed school-community relations through the discussion of general educational issues affecting the community of Wyoming and by serving as the communication link between the Board and the citizens.

The committee composition includes business, community and educational leaders; two board members; the superintendent; and the director of communications. Every effort shall be made to ensure that the makeup of the committee is as truly representative of the community as possible.

In addition to reaching out to board members and staff members, communicating with members of the CAC provides another channel for community members interested in learning more about the work of the district or interested in giving feedback on district-wide opportunities and issues. Click to read the Constitution of the Citizens Advisory Committee.


2019-2020 Citizens Advisory Committee

In addition to assisting in maintaining active and informed school-community relations, the Board of Education tasked the 2019-2020 CAC with conducting three studies. The resulting summary reports can be viewed below.

Study One: Strategic Planning Process

What are best-practice approaches to strategic planning in a school district? How can we work together to create a long-term plan for Wyoming? What are the key components that should be focused on in a school district strategic plan?

Strategic Planning Process Study Summary

Study Two: Graduate Follow-up Survey

How well are our Wyoming graduates prepared for their future? How well were students prepared for college, the military, or career and technical programs? Are there common themes evident in the graduate follow-up surveys? This survey should focus on graduating classes of 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019.

Wyoming High School Young Alumni Survey Study Summary

Study Three: School Community Partnerships

What strategies can school districts utilize to create partnerships within the community that expand K-12 student learning outside the walls of our classrooms?  What are the best practices used in different grade levels to expose students to authentic and relevant learning experiences in their areas of interest/passion?

School Community Partnerships Study Summary

2018-2019 Citizens Advisory Committee


In addition to assisting in maintaining active and informed school-community relations, the Board of Education tasked the 2018-19 CAC with conducting a citizens forum to gather information about the educational priorities of the district that could be used for long-term planning and was considered in the short-term during the superintendent search. The resulting report can be viewed here.