Impact Award Winner: Elm School Teacher Jen Dobson

Mrs. Dobson's Class

Tremendous work is done across our school community to create extraordinary opportunities for Wyoming students. Elm School Teacher Jen Dobson exemplifies excellence in her work to empower Wyoming students with the knowledge, perspective, and skills essential for success. 

In her work, Mrs. Dobson:

  • Uses innovative practices in curriculum design and instructional strategies.

  • Creates active and engaging learning experiences for students.

  • Values student, staff, and family relationships.

  • Provides timely and accessible communication to others.

  • Works to develop the skills necessary to meet the needs of our learners.

In the words of those who nominated Mrs. Dobson for the WCS Impact Award:

Jen Dobson’s true passion for teaching is evident in the success of her learners.

She consistently takes these little 6 year olds and teaches them to be responsible and respectful.

She is the most engaging teacher and every single time I step foot in her classroom, her class is riveted on every word she is saying and every concept she is teaching.

Jen Dobson is the only teacher I know who is disappointed when we have the occasional snow day as that is one less day she has to make an impact on her first grade friends.

The amount of growth her learners make throughout the school year is AMAZING!!!

Her study of geography often takes her class on adventures around the world and on travel days, I’ve never seen so many excited students entering our building (in their pajamas no less), ready to travel to Africa, or Antarctica, or somewhere else exciting.

She also makes learning super fun!

I admire her and her work ethic so much.

Jen Dobson is truly THE BEST!!!

Wyoming is very lucky to have someone like Mrs. Dobson as a member of their staff!

The WCS Impact Award recognizes staff members who are making a positive impact in the lives of the students, families, and staff of Wyoming City Schools.  Please use the link below to complete a brief form to nominate a WCS staff member to be recognized for their exemplary work to empower students and other staff members to be their very best:

Impact Award: Educator Nomination Form

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