WHS & WMS students haul in awards at this year's Latin convention

Latin Convention

Wyoming City Schools had an incredible showing at this year's Latin Convention! Four Wyoming High School students and four Wyoming Middle School students attended and every student earned an award in at least one of the contests they entered.

At the convention, students have opportunities to compete in a variety of categories ranging from traditional academic focused contests, to graphic arts, crafts (such as textiles and game design), creative and performing arts, and more. Every contest is designed to encourage students to connect their knowledge of the ancient world with the skills and talents they have outside of the Latin classroom.

"Students also spend time with guest speakers from the strong Classics programs in Ohio's universities and colleges, both to learn more about topics that interest them and to see how professional Classicists use interdisciplinary approaches to expand our knowledge of the past and modern worlds," said Latin Teacher Todd Wegenhart.

Our Wyoming Middle School award winners are:

Fletcher Barnes earned 2nd place in Games, 5th place in Photography, 8th place in Latin Literature, and 9th place in Ink.

Lucy Folz earned 2nd place in Latin Literature and 3rd place in Drawn Map.

Anne Jolly earned 3rd place in Textiles, 7th place in Colored Pencil, 8th place in Latin Derivatives, 8th place in Latin Literature, and 8th place in Jewelry.

Leo Kunnen earned 10th place in Latin Derivatives, 10th place in Pencil, and 10th place in Small Model.

Our Wyoming High School award winners are:

Sara Criddle earned 1st place in Mixed Media, 2nd place in Charcoal, 2nd place in Pencil, 4th place in Oil/Acrylic, 7th place in Latin Reading Comprehension, 8th place in Latin Derivatives, and 9th place in Mythology.

Madeline Frank earned 1st place in Decorative Stitching and a Graphic Arts Best in Show award, 1st place in Oil/Acrylic and a Graphic Arts Best in Show award, and 9th place in Latin Derivatives.

Anna Schrager earned 5th place in Latin Vocabulary and 5th place in Oil/Acrylic.

Timmy Thorman earned 9th place in Constructed Chart.

Additionally, our students engaged in the political process of the Ohio Junior Classics League, choosing leaders and platforms that will guide and lead the organization next year.

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