Focus Groups on Dec. 6

Envision Session


Wyoming City Schools is hosting focus groups on December 6. The goal of these discussions is to:

  • Envision education that supports student needs now and in the future through the lens of the Wyoming City Schools Strategic Plan.

  • Connect this information to future facility needs specific to primary-age students.

Feedback from these focus groups will inform our comprehensive facilities planning and, specifically, potential options for what the future could look like at Wyoming Primary Schools.

All are welcome to participate in a Community Focus Group at Hilltop School, 425 Oliver Road, on Tuesday, Dec. 6. Community Focus Groups will take place at 7 a.m. and 6:30 p.m. and are expected to last 60 minutes. It is not necessary to attend both meetings; two meeting times are being offered to provide greater schedule flexibility for attendees. Additional focus groups are scheduled throughout the day for:

Wyoming primary and middle school students

Wyoming City Schools staff members

Wyoming City Schools Support Organizations

Wyoming business owners and faith leaders

City of Wyoming officials

More information about facilities planning and Wyoming Primary Schools is available here.

Your feedback is important. Please join us for a focus group on December 6!

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