Social media use and the challenges our children face

Parent Partnership Series

On Thursday, Oct. 13, we’ll be talking about the challenges that come with social media usage for our children. This topic was identified as an important one to address by Wyoming City Schools and the Wyoming Parent School Association.

All K-12 parents and guardians are invited to attend this Parent Partnership Event:

Social Media: Your Child’s Digital Tattoo

6:30 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 13 at Wyoming High School

In addition to the parent event, Wyoming High School students and staff and 7th and 8th grade students and staff at Wyoming Middle School will participate in assemblies on navigating social media during the school day on Thursday, Oct. 13.

These events will be led by Stephen J. Smith, president of A Wired Family. Mr. Smith has presented this powerful presentation to nearly 500,000 students, parents, school administrators, and mental health professionals over the last 10 years. Through the use of video, animation, news stories, and his personal experience working with student, law enforcement, parents, and mental health professionals, the program covers:

  • The real apps that children are using in our area.

  • How and why apps are purposely developed to become addictive.

  • How pornography has become an issue with children as young as 11.

  • How your child’s privacy is often compromised and used against them.

  • The future career and educational impact of sexting and other online behavior.

  • How the overuse of social media, gaming, and bullying might impact mental health.

Steven J. Smith started his career as a high school teacher and coach before spending more than 20 years in the Information Technology industry - with an additional 25 years in the world of film, video, and interactive media development. He started A Wired Family in 2009 while Director of Educational Leadership at a large IT consulting company. Upon his retirement in 2017, he and his wife Mary Beth, a teacher with 34 years experience, continued the program, reaching thousands of children and adults throughout Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky each year. Steve regularly appears on TV and radio addressing the issues of technology on family and society.

Steve’s most recent book is Social Media & The Adolescent Digital Tribe.

Click here for more information about A Wired Family.

Thank you to the Wyoming Parent School Association (PSA) for the partnership and funding to make this program possible. To learn more or to join PSA, click here.

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