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Middle School Families:

Now that your student is getting older, some topics—curfew, free time, chores—are open to negotiation. Other topics, however, should be non negotiable. Those topics should include vaping, alcohol use and drug use. It is important to be explicit when speaking to your teen about alcohol and drugs. Give firm reasons as to why they can’t use drugs or alcohol. “Underage drinking, drug use and vaping are illegal and unacceptable. They are harmful to your health and you are too important to your family for you to be allowed to participate in these behaviors.” 

Do not expect your child to experiment with drugs or alcohol. Many teens do, however plenty of other teens do not!  Experiencing drugs or alcohol is not a “rite of passage.” Be clear with your expectations, for example, tell your teen “I expect you not to take that risk.” do not say, “Be careful.” As a parent, restrict contact with your teen's  friends who do not align with your values. You can’t control who your child spends time with at school. But if you know a peer who does not align with your values don’t allow your child to socialize with this person outside of school without supervision. If your student disobeys, consequences should follow.  

Help your teens make good choices.

Have a great weekend, 

Jennifer Klein

Brave Like Brayden Library

We are continuing to honor Brayden Otten with a project collaboration with Queen City Book Bank this spring,  our next fundraiser will be on Wednesday, March 22nd. All money raised will help build the BRAVE LIKE BRAYDEN LIBRARY at Queen City Book Bank. There are TWO ways students can donate on March 22nd.

The first way is to pay $1 to wear a baseball hat and/or jersey. Students will bring a dollar to their homeroom teacher on the 22nd.

The second way is to buy a raffle ticket at lunch to WIN a baseball themed gift basket full of fun prizes. There will be one winner per grade level. Raffle tickets will be 50 cents. The raffle is ONE DAY only!  Tickets will only be sold during lunch on March 22nd.

We have an anonymous donor who wants to MATCH the amount of money we raise! So, bring your donations to wear a hat and or jersey AND participate in the raffle during lunch so we can knock this fundraiser OUT OF THE PARK!

Looking for Donations! 

For the middle school testing season this year we want to be able to incentivize students who show awesome, positive, testing behaviors.  It has been a long year and they have quite a few tests every spring to get through.  We would like to be able to raffle off gift cards to things middle schoolers would enjoy, a free cowboy cone, a pastry shop visit, something cool from Target…when we see these behaviors.  To make this happen we are looking for some families to donate gift cards, in small amounts, $5 or $10 to the middle school to raffle off in our second annual, Show what you Know, testing incentive program coming in April.If you can help, feel free to drop off the gift cards to the front office by April 5. If you can't help out but know of someone who might be able to donate please feel free to forward them the information. Thank you for your support of WMS!

Impact Award Winner: WMS Teacher Angie Arengo

The WCS Impact Award recognizes staff members who are making a positive impact in the lives of the students, families, and staff of Wyoming City Schools. In the words of those who nominated Mrs. Arengo for the WCS Impact Award:

Mrs. Arengo is an exceptional educator who deserves to be recognized for her exemplary work in empowering students to be their very best.

She creates active and engaging learning experiences for her students every day. Students often work collaboratively in groups, or individually. She meets with students one on one to help them with areas in which they are struggling.

She is an exceptional motivator and encourager, always offering a warm smile or kind word. She truly cares about and values her students and fosters a caring relationship with them by showing interest in their academics and their personal lives.

Mrs. Arengo is committed to building character in her students. She teaches her students how to give back to their community and the importance of service. There is no better example of this than the book drive that she has done for the past three years with her class. Mrs. Arengo’s students at the Middle School have collected 5,670 books for the Queen City Book Bank over the past three years.

She supports student emotional well-being through the dedication and hard work that she puts in each and every day. She is an advocate for students who works diligently to ensure that whatever is best for an individual or group of students is accomplished. She is truly an exemplary educator.

Angie is working with the community and families to implement programs that provide resources to those in need in remembrance of a late student. She is dedicated to making an impact, and she does a phenomenal job creating projects and bringing them to fruition for the good of others.

Did you know that March is Music In Our Schools Month?

For more than 30 years, March has been officially designated by the National Association for Music

Education (NAfME) for the observance of Music In Our Schools Month ®  (MIOSM ® ), the time of year

when music education becomes the focus of schools across the nation. Music is a part of our core

curriculum in Wyoming City Schools because the whole child educational experience is an integral

part of our educational mission. Check out this list of reasons why music education is so important,

then use these prompts to connect with your children about music this week:

- What is your child’s favorite thing about music class in school?

- Share your own school music experiences with your child.

- Listen to some of your favorite songs together.

- Tell your child about the best concert or musical performance you have attended.

News From the Learning Commons: 

The Scholastic Book Fair is coming our way.  Here’s what you need to know about the Fair, which will take place from March 20 to 24th  in the WMS Learning Commons.

This year, say goodbye to cash and hello to eWallet—your child’s digital payment account.

Before the Fair, set up eWallet for worry-free, cash-free purchases. Cash and credit cards will

also be a way to pay at the fair.If you can’t make it to the Fair, then shop at our school’s Online Book Fair. All orders ship directly to your home, and shipping is free for book orders over $25. Your online orders will also benefit our school.Visit our Book Fair homepage to learn more and get started with eWallet and online shopping:

If you are interested in helping work at the Bookfair please sign up!!

Parent Partnership Series Event on March 15:

Drug Abuse Prevention 

Our topic for this semester’s Parent Partnership Series is Drug Abuse Prevention. At 6:30 p.m. Wednesday, March 15, join us at Wyoming Middle School to learn about:

  • The drug abuse prevention curriculum at each building level of Wyoming City Schools

  • What parents can do outside of school to promote drug abuse prevention

At our March Parent Partnership Series Event, speakers will include health teachers, police representatives, and school administrators. We hope you can join us but in case that is not possible, click below to see Ohio’s Health Education Curriculum Requirements for:

Please click this link to RSVP so we can plan to use a space at the middle school appropriate to the number of attendees:

The WCS Parent Partnership Series offers opportunities for parents to gather and learn from experts and other Wyoming parents on important topics. These events are for parents of students in all grade levels. After the opening presentation, there will be an opportunity for parents to gather in small groups based on their child’s age/school level for further discussion and learning.

Parent Partnership Series topics are chosen based on what we hear from our students and feedback received during our focus groups, CommUNITY Conversations, Parent Advisory Committee meetings, and conversations with our Parent School Association.

Come partner with us and other Wyoming parents as we work together to grow and celebrate every Wyoming student.

More News from Around WCS

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