November Impact Award Winner: WPS Teacher Tracy Kroger

Tracy Kroger

Tremendous work is done across our Wyoming school community to create extraordinary opportunities for students. Wyoming Primary Schools Teacher Tracy Kroger exemplifies excellence in her work to empower Wyoming students with the knowledge, perspective, and skills essential for success. 

In her work, Ms. Kroger:

  • Uses innovative practices in curriculum design and instructional strategies.
  • Creates active and engaging learning experiences for students.
  • Promotes a growth mindset in teaching and learning.
  • Celebrates the accomplishments of students and staff members.
  • Supports staff member social and emotional well-being

In the words of those who nominated Ms. Kroger for the WCS Impact Award:

Tracy is our reading specialist and so much more. She is a trusted colleague that everyone can count on professionally and personally.

She keeps parents informed and maintains strong relations with them.

When asked to return to the classroom as a first grade teacher, Tracy jumped in and worked tirelessly to make sure her students finished their year on a positive note.

Tracy gives 100 percent and always keeps a smile.

Tracy serves as a role model for not only her students, but her peers as well.

Her lessons are leveled for each student to feel successful and data is used to make sure there is growth for each.

Her integrity, work ethic, and loyalty are seen daily in all situations.

Tracy is always finding new ways to continually engage her readers.

Her gentle manner makes all feel comfortable and supported.

As we implemented new phonics instruction, she met with teachers to provide a model and guide them through lessons.

It’s no wonder people gravitate toward her and seek her out for not only work support, but personal as well. She is a friend to all.

The WCS Impact Award recognizes staff members who are making a positive impact in the lives of the students, families, and staff of Wyoming City Schools. Please use the link below to complete a brief form to nominate a WCS staff member to be recognized for their exemplary work to empower students and other staff members to be their very best:

Impact Award: Educator Nomination Form


Impact Award Winner Tracy Kroger

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