One-to-One or BYOD (Choice)

Last Updated: 12/26/2019 7:05 PM


Familes will have the choice of BYOD (bring your own device) or paying the fee to use a school device.

One-to-One Sophomore Pilot Presentation


District devices will be supported by the district and covered via the accidental insurance program. Loaner devices for district devices out for repair or replacement will be available. District devices will be collected and re-imaged each summer. District devices will be on the data network and allowed to print. Model of laptop can be seen in high school main office.

​​Fee to use school One-to-One laptop::  $100 per year for 9th, 10th, 11th, & 12th grade families for the 2018-19 school year.  Laptop Information Sheet

Q: How exactly does the district Laptop option work?

A: For a $100 annual technology fee, students will be provided a device to use during current school year. Below are the details of how this program works per grade level:

Family pays $100 technology fee per year which includes full accidental damage coverage

Student receives laptop at start of school year. Student is issued the same laptop each year.  District collects laptop at end of each year to clean and reimage. Students who do not return the laptop will be subject to disciplinary action. After paying the technology fee for each year, a student will have option to keep the laptop.

Q: When and how do I pay the fee?

A: Laptops will be distributed by grade levels on specified dates and times  Fees must be paid at time of laptop pickup. Students will not be able to pickup 2018-2019 schedules unless the laptop fee has been paid.


BYOD device must meet the minimum standards as set by the district. The district takes no responsibility for the BYOD device and cannot be responsible for any repair of the device.The BYOD device will connect via the guest network and will not be allowed to print.  

Q: If my student brings their own device, what type of device should I purchase for them?

A: In considering a device to purchase for your student, we recommend any type of laptop that meets the following minimum specifications:

N or AC wireless capability
Flash Player compatibility
USB flash drive portUp to date operating system (minimum of Windows 7 Pro; Windows 10 Pro preferred)
Sufficient memory (4 GB recommended)
Access to the Chrome Internet browser
Screen size of 10.8 inches or greater
128 Gig SSD Hard drive minimum
Virus/Malware Protection

Macintosh computers will be allowed as long as students can access the required websites and tools for their classrooms. It is suggested that students check with teachers and try all sites and tools that they will be asked to utilize.

Tablets cannot be utilized due to their limited computing capabilities regarding word processing and flash compatibility. All devices must be compatible with Office365, OneNote desktop, and software compatible with Windows OS.

Parents/Guardians who would like to purchase one of the laptops that the One-to-One Program utilizes, may purchase the same device for the same cost at the link below. The District does not cover insurance for personally purchased devices.

Parents/Guardians may check with their homeowners insurance policy or check out services such as Worth Ave. Group ( to purchase full accidental insurance any device.