Wyoming City Schools

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**School Finance Forum** 

The Citizens Advisory Committee of Wyoming City Schools hosted a School Finance Forum to provide information and give the community an opportunity to ask questions and get answers directly from the district Finance Committee.  Click here to view a video of the forum in its entirety. 


Check on your student's grades and homework. Please note: ProgressBook use varies by grade level and classroom; consult your student's teacher or principal if you have questions.

Student & Parent Handbooks

Primary Schools Middle School High School

One-to-One Initiative

Find information and forms for the One-to-One Initiative..

Guide to Senior Year

The attached guide provides all of the information your family should know about your senior year at Wyoming High School. 

WHS Parent/Teacher Conferences 

Sign up here for Parent/Teacher Conferences at Wyoming High School. 

School Supplies

Students are expected to provide many of the supplies used on a daily basis in the classroom. Supplies are handled on a class-by-class basis from 7th grade onward, but lists for Primary and Middle Schools are available below.

Primary Schools Middle School

Food in the Classroom Guidelines

This past school year Wyoming City Schools created a “Food in the Classroom” task force to discuss the safety factors related to consuming or using food while in the classroom.  Our task force was made up of teachers, counselors, parents, school administrators, health specialists, nutritionists, and an allergist. To read the entire letter introducing the new food in the classroom policies, please click here

Guidelines for Food in the Classroom

Allergy-free Food Options

Powerpoint Presentation: Food in the Classroom


Student Fee Information

Our online fee payment portal can be found here.

Cafeteria & Meals Information

New monthly cafeteria menus for Fall 2016 are now avaialble, including meals made from scratch. To learn more about the new menu options, read the attached letter. In addition, you can pay online for your child's school lunches. 

High School 

Middle School 

Primary Schools 

Additional cafeteria forms: 

Meal Account Restriction Form

Food Allergy Management Plan

Religious/Cultural Restriction Form

Dietary Note Removal Form

Free & Reduced Lunch Information

This is a friendly reminder to families wishing to participate in the free and reduced meal program, to submit an application for processing.

Due to the large number of applications received during the first month of school, the Ohio Dept. of Education allows the district to honor each student’s free or reduced status from the end of the prior school year. If a letter stating your family’s approval status has NOT yet been received for the 16/17 school year, please submit an application prior to September 26th to avoid a lapse in free or reduced meal benefits.

You can now apply online for your children to receive free or reduced price lunch. Your application will be sent from a secure website for processing, so you don’t need to worry about filling out a paper form that could be lost or misplaced. To apply, simply go to www.lunchapplication.com and click “Apply Now”. 

Paper applications are also available on the “Lunch Menu/Information” tab for your child's school. Only one application is required per household.

If you have any questions, please refer to this document, or contact Cheryl Wilkins or Sarah Renz at 513-831-5030.

Student Health History & Immunizations

State law requires students to be up-to-date with their immunizations. Our district also requires medical records before admission. Please fill out this form.

The dispensing medication at school form can be downloaded here

Anti-Harassment Compliance Officers

Both of our officers can also be reached by mail through the Board Office at 420 Springfield Pike, Wyoming, OH 45215.

Director of Pupil Services 513-206-7021
Assistant Superintendent 513-206-7016

Request for Double Mailings

According to the Wyoming City Schools Board of Education Policy 8330, in the case of shared custody, parents can annually request a double mailing to receive school information such as report cards. The form for double mailings is available here