Wyoming City Schools

420 Springfield Pike
Wyoming, Ohio 45215
Phone: 513-206-7000

Board of Education

Election Information & Timeline:

Tuesday, October 10 – Deadline to register to vote for the November 7 General Election
Wednesday, October 11 – Absentee ballots start being mailed. Early voting in person begins.
Tuesday, November 7 – Election Day – polls are open in Ohio from 6:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m.

Information sources for the November 7 election

Ohio law prohibits public boards of education from compensating any employee for time spent on any activity to influence the outcome of an election regarding a candidate for public office or the passage of a levy or bond issue or other ballot issue (Ohio Revised Code 3315.07).

These resources may be helpful to those with questions about the upcoming election:

The official list of candidates and issues on the November 7, 2017 ballot can be found on the Hamilton County Board of Elections site here: http://boe.hamilton-co.org/files/files/elections/Nov%202017/Gen17_Candidate_List.pdf

Other voting and election information can be found on the Hamilton County Board of Elections: http://boe.hamilton-co.org/

This League of Women Voters website offers nonpartisan election related information (including a Know Your Candidates publication expected to be posted on October 11): http://www.vote411.org/

Information about school board member responsibilities, eligibility requirements, campaigning, and more can be found on the Ohio School Board Association website: https://www.ohioschoolboards.org/running-school-board

Other information about school board member responsibilities (Bylaw 0120) and guidelines for political activities (Administrative Guideline 3231A) can be found in the Bylaws and Policies of Wyoming City School District: http://www.neola.com/wyomingcity-oh/

Additional information about elections in the State of Ohio can be found on the website of the Secretary of State: https://www.sos.state.oh.us/elections/#gref


 Wyoming City School District Board of Education

Wyoming City Schools Board of Education: Aaron Meis, Jeanie Zoller, Vice President Scott Boster, President Todd S. Levy, Kara Broderick.


Contact the Board of Education members with questions or concerns via email or by calling the numbers listed below.

Todd Levy, President
Scott Boster, Vice President
Kara Broderick
Aaron Meis
Jeanie Zoller

Members of the public are invited to attend any Board of Education meeting. If you would like to speak to the members of the Board at a meeting, please contact Suzy Henke, Director of Communications, at 513.206.7015. There is an opportunity for public recognition at the beginning of every meeting. 


Board Records