Wyoming City Schools

420 Springfield Pike
Wyoming, Ohio 45215
Phone: 513-206-7000


Leadership Team

Dr. Susan Lang, Superintendent - LangS@WyomingCitySchools.org

Kathy Demers, Assistant Superintendent - DemersK@WyomingCitySchools.org

Ronda Johnson, Treasurer -  - JohnsonR@WyomingCitySchools.org

Suzy Henke, Director of Communications - - HenkeS@WyomingCitySchools.org

Patty McNerney, Director of Technology - McnerneyP@WyomingCitySchools.org

Tom Wright, Director of Maintenance - WrightT@WyomingCitySchools.org

High School

Ashley Whitely, High School Principal - WhitelyA@WyomingCitySchools.org

Martha Sacks, High School Assistant Principal - SacksM@WyomingCitySchools.org

Jan Wilking, Athletic Director - WilkingJ@WyomingCitySchools.org



Jennifer Klein, Middle School Principal - KleinJ@WyomingCitySchools.org

James Dallio,Middle School Assistant Principal - DallioJ@WyomingCitySchools.org


Primary SCHOOLs

LaDora Hill, Primary Schools Principal - HillL@WyomingCitySchools.org

Jeff Hicks, Primary Schools Assistant Principal - HicksJ@WyomingCitySchools.org